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Why Local Carpet Cleaning Is Best

Cheap carpet cleaning services doesn’t always give great value for your money; in fact they can even cause expedited demise of your carpeting. Opting for a local carpet cleaning company in Draper UT gives the best value for your money. A com read more...

2 months ago

Keeping Your Carpet Clean and Healthy

Carpets require special attention and care to maintain its appearance that you always envisioned it to be. Here are some carpet cleaning tips brought to you by AJS

2 months ago

Different Carpet Stains And How To Remove Them Yourself

There are different types of carpet stains, some are very easy to remove, and others can be perplexing and stubborn. While some might just need a simple bathroom soap, others may require professional help.

Save money by doing it yourself

11 months ago

Couch Cleaning 101

From the smallest bits of crumbs to the worse kind of stains ever to grace your sofa, these tips will surely help you.

AJS carpet cleaning Provo has close to 20 years of pr read more...

1 year ago

Step By Step Instructions On What To Do When Your Pet Has An Accident In The House

Step 1: Catching your Pet in the Act.

If you catch your pet in the middle of the act, don’t fret but instead use it as a learning opportunity. Pets, especially dogs are creatures of habit and moods, just like peopl read more...